Con la visita 1.001.589, superando las previsiones de este fin de semana de arte,  otro artista que disfrutaremos en Realismo en la pintura, Ruddy Taveras

«Nací en la ciudad de valverde mao, república dominicana.
Desde niño me incline hacia las artes plásticas, interesándome siempre en la pintura realista y mas tarde en el hiperrealismo.
he participado en varios concursos y exposiciones. »

Born November 30, 1984 in the town of Valverde Mao, Dominican Republic. Since childhood tilts toward visual arts, painting from beginning guitar at age twelve. Market begins his work at fourteen, the nineteen he moved to the city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic to join the National School of Fine Arts and there interact with other artists and people interested in art. Since its inception in the paint feels some attraction towards realism, achieving a high level of reality in their works and demonstrating great delicacy and cleanliness.
In 2008 after reading and interested in what the hyper decides devote him to this trend and aims at capturing the reality more accurately and objectively the photograph, and are sometimes confused with the photorealism.

Fuente: Ruddy Taveras